My grandma stayed here for more than 5 years before she passed. During the time of her stay, all the staffs were exceptionally caring. They made sure she was comfortable and well-taken care of. One thing I like about this facility the most is the staffs actually spend time to get to know the patients as well as their families. They even have these events on big holidays like Christmas or Tet for families to come and celebrate with their loved ones.

Management did a great job in keeping us informed on how our grandma was doing as well as gave us sound advice on what we should do to better grandma's stay. That I'm very touched and grateful for.

- An L.

Alta Gardens Care Center has been very good to my family and especially to my father who was a resident.

The facility specializes in Vietnamese program with many Vietnamese speaking staff. My father really appreciated the caring staff and he was able to communicate his needs to them in his language. Staff cares with genuine interest. After my father passed away, many of the staff came to the funeral service and gave their condolences. It meant a lot to our family. I was so glad to have my father spend the last of his days there.

Thank you Alta Gardens!

- D. Le

I have been at Alta Gardens to recover from surgery and illness.

I want to compliment all staff members! I am so happy here. My care has been exceptional. Every employee I have dealt with is friendly and very professional, yet they make me feel very special! Anytime I pass by, staff in the hall, I am greeted with a smile and a hello! I am so grateful to be able to say, I have had a wonderful experience here! Also the staff at my room has been great! Gideon is such a nice and kind person! All the ladies are great as well!

Thank you for making my stay here so enjoyable, I DONT WANT TO LEAVE!

- C. Torn

Alta Gardens Care Center is an intimate and charming facility that serves the Vietnamese community and conveniently located in the heart of Garden Grove